Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lunes, Sept. 1
Thank heaven.

Got up early this morning. Dogs barked most of the night, but they went nuts about 5:00 am. I would have given. Thousand dollars for an 870.

I took the truck to the vulcanizing shop over in Dilepe. I had to wait half hour for them to open.living in a construction zone sucks. This is the third nail and tire repair since we lived here. Dogs, nails . . Hmmmm?

I walked home to get a little exercise and made it back in plenty of time to get the computer set up and going for testing Elders. Elder Alforque was late and Elder Saul was early, so it worked out fine. They all brought companions and companions they live with so Sister S. fed them while the testing took place. I think they had a good time and it only cost us about 5000 pesos.

There was nothing left to eat here, so we went to Tai Ingo and I had tuna and salad and we ordered rice, which they serve gang style. They don't serve solo fried rice, only plain white. . . No Coke 0, so I had a MD and Sister had pineapple juice.

We came home and for some reason, we are worn out. Sister is napping and I am catching up on writing and texting around. We will try to walk some this evening.

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A group of dang good missionaries, Culasi and Sibalom Elders. Tested, fed, and read to rock . . .

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Good fish and fileted as well. They call the little salad salsa, but it is carrots, tomatoes, and cucumbers in vinegar. It is dang food. They put little wieners in the rice, but they don't foul the taste. It was a good meal.

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