Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sabado sa 13th

Long Brown-out today and a ton of rain. I am thankful for the rain because it kept things a little cooler and there was a little wind that helped. We are experiencing the outer edges of Luis, a tropical storm that may become a typhoon. Probably is one up north.

I asked one of the Sisters at the church today, "So, do they ever name these Typhoons after men?" She said, "Yes. Luis is a man's name." (Pronounce L-long u- long e-s) I hoped more for Lewis, or Bob, or Jake.
Anyway, it was one rainy day.

The AP's were over early to get some laundry done and to get Sister S to make them some breakfast. I left and went to the church because it was Saturday morning and I agreed to open the Family History Lib. on Saturday mornings. Of course, there was nobody who visited, but they had a District Primary Party. Greg, the caretaker, started the generator so they had power and we had lights, but no computer. I had a nice visit with President Vidal from Dao and Brother Tagala, a new high counselor.

I went on home about 11:30. We went to Gaisano and got some groceries and a small frying pan. We attended a good baptism this afternoon. It was on time, which I loved.

We hung out until the power came back on at 5:00 on the dot.We were told that the power company announced on the radio that there would be a brown-out from 6:00 am til 5:00 pm. The power popped on right at 5. We were thankful. It was dark in the house all day. I sat out on the porch this morning and read scriptures so I could see the pages.
Interesting effects of the flash reflecting off drops in the air . . . total luck, or bad luck, depending on what you like. Water poured off the roof and down the drain pipes.

Driveway flooded.

Fast Sunday tomorrow. We are going to Sibalom. We may meet a man that Brother Tagala introducted us to at Gaisano's a few days ago. Brother Torres. We want to talk to Pres. Villalobos about mapping his branch and we look forward to seeing everyone, but Dulito may not be able to make it after all the rain and it keeps on hitting. The river may be way high.

Received an e-mail when the power resumed from President Aquino. We have mission presidency meeting on Thursday. I am to get an agenda ready. Looking forward to that.

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