Sunday, September 28, 2014


Domingo sa 28th

We got up early and went to Tibiao for Group Meeting. I think 12 beside missionaries attended. I gave the opening prayer, half in Kinaray-a and half English. Sister S was asked to speak. She gave a great talk and testimony. Sacrament was great. 

We met at the UA campus, in this room provided. It was fine and had a good CR. We drove to Culasi after and took them chairs and hymn books. They are growing so fast they already need a bigger facility in which to meet. 

We took cleaning supplies to Bugasong on the way back to San Jose. They may have begun to clean Bugasong. . . Not certain. The Culasi apt was a mess, but to me, it always has been a dump.

We were surprised and confused to find Elders in the uptown Culasi apartment and the Bugasong Elders in their apartments dressed down. We thought Sunday afternoon is supposed to be prime time. Getting worried about obedience . . . Sister Sessions left Elder Buligao a birthday cake. Home now after long drives, but good Sacrament Meeting. 

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