Monday, September 29, 2014


Lunes ang 29 Septiembre

Off to Iloilo this morning after Facetiming with Michael and his fam. We had a fun time hearing what they are up to. 

We left a bit late, but had a pretty good drive. We stopped at the office to find out about getting some Gospel Principle Manuel's for Tibiao and Culasi. And some tithing receipts/envelopes.

We hit MacDonalds for lunch. It was okay lang. We zipped over to the driving range. It is in Mandurriao, pretty close to MacDonalds actually. I hit a box of balls and worked up a sweat. The guy picking up balls didn't have is garb on, so no photo, but I am not giving up. He is a sight when he is in full dress.
Even though it is pretty funky, and has native chickens darting around while one us hitting balls, it is still fun and good exercise. The lady running the joint set out the balls for me. Nobody else was around but she and me. It must be ther way. I tipped her and she seemed happy.

We went to SM and bought two wardrobes and 4 pillows. Our cashier was a member from Mandurriao and she knew a bunch of the missionaries. It was fun visiting with her. We looked at beds, but the one we found can be purchased in San Jose and we can save a thousand pesos. We will get one tomorrow.

Sister S is going to offer to go help the Elders in Bugasong set up their apartment. They are the ones for whom we are doing all this driving and buying. If they are smart they will take her up on her offer. Her blessing prior to leaving for the MTC said she would be a great benefit serving the young missionaries. Man, the Spirit hit it square. The missionaries refer to her as, "Momma Sweet." She washes their clothes, dries them, folds them; she mends and sews and even makes dresses. She feeds them, gives them cakes for their birthdays, and teaches them from the scriptures. They don't get that crap from me, I can tell you. I am mostly her chauffeur as she ". . . Goes about doing good." I do give a ride now and then. I can't even remember what was said at my blessing. Must have been pretty dull.
We stopped at 7-11 to get a coke before heading home. I spotted these trike rider/drivers across the street. I liked the pose. When they noticed me photographing, they got into a little pose. The first picture is actually the second one I shot.

Home now. Getting ready to read scriptures for a while prior to bed. Good day. District meeting in the morning. We look forward to lessons from our new leaders.

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