Friday, September 26, 2014

Interview Day in San Jose

Biyernes sa 26

We waited most of the day for our appointment to interview with President Aquino. We had an appointment for 3:30. He gives them a good going over.

I have a good old upper respiratory problem/cold . . . my once per year bout with this thing. I am going to try to whip it as usual. I usually suffer for about 2 weeks, then go get a C-pack of steroids from the doctor. Hopefully I won't need steroids this time. Usually I get this in about Feb. or March. Perhaps it is different this time. Of course, I thought that about gluten too, and had the worst break-out ever.

We got a call from Elder Ortiz that the Bugasong Elders needed a ride to their apartment and of course they didn't know where to find it when they would arrive. I compromised an earlier time for the interview for a ride up to Bugasong.

We met with President and had a nice visit and prayers. We wanted to say "hi" to Sister Aquino, but she was interviewing Sisters regarding health and we wanted to get on the road. We will see her again soon.

We drove the missionaries to Bugasong and showed them their apartment. I was beside myself with embarrassment. Elders Miguel and Phelps left the apartment is an absolute filthy mess, with garbage all over the place, unwashed pans, full garbage cans, dirty clothes, just plain crap all over. Elder Phelps went home and Elder Miguel was transferred. I am disappointed in them, to say the least; angered is more descriptive. We will get some cleaning supplies for the Elders and get them two beds and some wardrobes up there Sunday morning on our way to Tibiao for church.

We got their gear unloaded and took them to the Island Cafe for some food. I texted President Tandoy and had hm come meet the new Elders. We all had a nice supper and took some pictures. I think these new guys will be great for Bugasong. Looking forward to seeing the area prosper.
Back to front:  Elder Panganiban, Elder Sumiran, Elder Oivar, President Tandoy, and Elder Maneja, the District leader. Good guys all.
Whacky . . .
Elder Panganiban asked me, "How old are you?"
"67 big ones", I replied.
I started laughing  . . . He said, realizing that his response was kind of crass. . . "You look 66." We all cracked up. Good group of guys and Bugasong really needs them to get up and going again. Blessings to them all.

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