Monday, September 22, 2014


Lunes sa 22 Septiembre

Boring P-day today. For some reason it is hot; hot in the house, hot outside. Our little air con is doing very little. I keep looking to see if it is alright. Haven't had this for a few months.

I painted a little this morning after fixing sausage and eggs and a mango for breakfast. I did my exercises and read the scriptures. I took the truck to get it washed and read more while I waited. We went to lunch and came home to study a bit more.

I am supposed to, maybe, teach in our district meeting in the morning, but many of the Elders have gone to Iloilo to get ready to go home and for transfers. They may combine us, or??? If I an going to teach, I have prepared to teach the first vision.

When we were in Alabama, but first vision was stressed and each missionary was to know it, and be able to describe it, perfectly. Elder Mortensen (maybe on) was masterful at teaching the first vision. He slowed down, annunciated his words, and gave the investigator time to imagine the scene from his words. When we heard the first vision taught a few weeks ago, it was so disjointed and so poorly told that the investigator didn't get much from the experience. The missionaries count of the video. I think it is a mistake.

Anyway, that is where I will go and we can role play and practice.

Nothing going on tonight. We received an e-mail from President Aquino that we are to be at the mission home in Iloilo on Thursday at 9:00 am to welcome then new senior missionaries (Robinsons). They will be working with the PEF program on the Island, helping people use their skills and creativity to start businesses. It is a pretty neat program.

That's it.
Lunch, about 2:00 pm. We went to a resto not too far from the church. They have good soup. It is a chicken corn soup and has a good taste. I ordered sizzling fish, and Sister S had fries and a chocolate shake. The shake was good and the soup. This is the only place I have ever been where the fresh ocean fish has little to no taste; just a disappointing blandness. It looked good, but blahhhh. The Pepsi Max was okay, and soup was real good.
Tomorrow ought to be okay in the morning. I hope it is cooler. The weather has been really weird in southeast Asia, along with other parts of the world. Makes one wonder it the Lord is hoping for our attenion.
Just had a brown-out. Hope it doesn't last long. Power just restarted. Thank You Lord.

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