Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Miyercoles sa 17

We had a good day today accompanying Brother Alan Tagala up to Pandan and Libertad. We visited the Mayors and emergency preparedness departments in those barangays. Sister Sessions was pretty bold in inviting the Mayor of Libertad to join the church. He got this strange look on his face and said, "By uncle is a priest." I think he was thinking Sister S. was talking about doing it right then.

It was pretty fun. We gave out one BoM and met several wonderfully friendly people. We went to some of the resorts and Alan explained the new law about having at least one trained life guard on duty for pool, or ocean swimming.

Alan photographed medical facilities and places where people /could find emergency shelter; schools, churches, municipal halls.

We ate at one of the resorts between Pandan and Libertad. It is owned by a German man and his wife. They have a wonderful resto there and we had American/European food. It was delicious. I had two bowls of sweet/sour soup (very tomatoey and really hot. And I ordered what I thought was a steak, but it came out thinly sliced rare beef with a vinegarette, olive oil, green olive and pepper marinate. It was very tasty) Sister S. ordered and a tossed salad. I shared the salad with her and it was excellent. Alan had Chicken Adobo, rice, and a double burger. It was a fine meal, the best since we came.

We stopped and photographed places, talked to Alan's relatives, and stopped and talked to some less active members that Alan knew were members. We stopped in Bugasong and talked to Brother Sonnier and his wife. They fed us some home made sausage, which seems to be a passion for Brother Sonnier. I bought a few lbs of sausage from him. It is dang good.

It was a long day. We left at 7:00 am and got home at about 8:00 pm. 

Lunch, plus a mango shake and a Coke Zero

Ferry boat waiting to haul people to Caluya, a small island off the coast of Northern Panay about 3 hours by boat.

Libertad Coast Guard station. Good guys. Alan and Sister talked to them while I went down to see a fisherman and check his catch. He couldn't understand me, because I was speaking giberish I think.                         

Hurom Hurom cold springs. Pretty place in the mountains above Libertad and the water is cold. I want to go back and swim there one day. Very beautiful and that is the natural color of the water.

Stopped at a little basket weaver business on the way to Huram Huram and bought a few items. Alan displaying my new pencil cup. Sister S. is tired of my tin can.  

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