Thursday, September 11, 2014

Friday Morning the 12

Remembering 9/11 this morning. That was some morning and the beginning of some very dreary years in the U.S. We still suffer and fight as a result. There is much good that came, some temporary. I remember the upsurge in church attendance and Christian well doing. 

Not the busiest of weeks here in Antique. We attended the funeral of Axl Lozano yesterday. It was nice. I felt so for his parents. But, I am more than comforted knowing that Axl has Exhaltation and Eternal Life guaranteed through the Atonement and love of the Savior. Axl will never be sick again, never bleed or hurt. He is, I am certain, with his Heavenly Father and Mother in Heaven. What could be better for him? Then, if his earthly parents desire, they can raise him after the resurrection. These blessings have been sealed upon the Lozas in the temple through the Priesthood. While they will miss Axl, is it not cause for celebration. Perhaps after the hurt subsides a bit. . . 

I painted a little. We studied the scriptures. . . Bala-an nga kasulatan (holy writings). We did our language study with Francis, but it accelerated into scripture discussion about half way through. We will try again today with language study. I have been practicing praying in kinaray-a. Sometimes I wonder if what I said was what I wanted to say.

We had a long brown-out yesterday, from about 4 am til about 2 pm. It was very warm after walking and lifting weights. I found Sister S sitting in the Ranger AC trying to cool down. Going to be a slow and hot day today. No brown-out though so we will stay cool.

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