Saturday, May 31, 2014

31 Mayo

Saturday. They cleaned up the athletic fields, so Sister S. and I walked this morning for the first time in about a week. We did get exercise on the way to Dunito's yesterday though. I visited a little today and we went to a baptism of 5 in Sibalom this afternoon. We drove the Zone Leaders and all had a good time

Dunito brought Lilly to the baptism. Her own baptism is now scheduled for the 21st, if all goes well. Prayers are appreciated to keep Lucifer away from her.

Between things today, I drove down to the ocean. I needed to look out over the water and not see trees, cars, trikes, people. . .
Five young women who attended the youth conference in San Jose from Sibalom. All five were baptized this afternoon. President Weaver presided over the baptism and Elders Hopkins and Alforque were the teaching Elders. Zone leaders are on the right, Elder Ortiz and Elder Schaffer.

Tomorrow is fast Sunday. We look forward to the meetings and to reporting in PEC.

The weather is a bit cooler now that we are getting cloud cover and rain daily. It is tolerable and extremely welcome.

I put this on facebook, but few look at my additions. I hope all fathers in our family, close and extended will look at this wonderful Mormon Message:


  1. Elder Sessions, I want you to know that I am looking at your posts, reading your testimonies, following your links, and sharing your experiences with others. Your and Sister Sessions missions have made Jim and I want to serve even more! You are not forgotten in this family! We love you and Sister Sessions and are proud and honored to watch you serve and touch the lives of others. Love you...Heidi

  2. Thank you so much Heidi and Jim. It is strange for us being so far from home. We are doing all that we know how, or that we are assigned. Customs here are strange and they try my patience some. . . late for everything, don't really say what they mean, easily offended . . . It is a way new experience for us. Love you.