Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday the 2nd of May

We walked early and had a good time. I finally loosened up enough to walk comfortably after 5 laps. We visited about King David. I often wonder about him and how the Lord will judge him after his behavior. I know the Lord loved/loves him, but he did a major. Nothing to do with our salvation, but interesting.

I went to town this morning and found the place to change our gas tanks for the stove. I got two refills and returned back and hooked one up. I drew with pencil for a while. It is a picture of the old lady from a few days back.

We went to lunch and didn't enjoy it. The town was packed today, still reveling in in the latest fiesta. We
went to see Dunito after.

The river was up some and we had an interesting crossing. I had my stick and Sister S. hung on to me and we carried our gifts and books over. We hiked through the rice paddies, across the creek, up to Dunito's house. We were accompanied by the barangay police chief, as it turns out he is Dunito's brother in law.

The brother in law, Daniel Palma wanted us to go meet his son, who is not able to walk. About two months ago he became ill and lost the ability to walk. I gave Daniel junior a blessing and a few pesos for medicine. I am probably not supposed to do that, but . . .

Daniel senior came back to Dunito's and when we arrived, but missionaries had come. They gave a short lesson and invited Dunito's daughter to the youth conference next week. I hope she can come.

We gave Dunito a blessing as he has been ill for a week. Dunito accompanied us back to the truck and we hauled the missionaries back into the barangay to appointments. It was a fun afternoon. We cleaned up and went to the neighbor's birthday party after arriving at the house. Good busy day. Tomorrow ought to be a bit more of the same.

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