Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lunes the 2nd of June

We walked this morning and contacted Chance and Amy before we headed for Dunito's. We went to talk to him about helping us out a bit. We took Francis as our translator so I could make sure Dunito understood my talk/ideas.

Dunito originally wanted to know if he could borrow some money to buy two piglets to raise and sell. I don't want to get something started, and I know it is not the policy for providing welfare assistance to the needy. So, I took a native speaker with me to translate and I told Dunito we would not give, nor lend him money, but that we would hire him to do some work for us and then he could earn the money and spend it for whatever might be his wants/needs . I feel way better about that.

I have hired Dunito  go to cut and deliver 9, 8 ft pieces of bamboo with approximately 1.5 to 2 inch diameters. I plan to get him to help me build three easels. We also have some yard work that he can tackle and that I hate. . . pulling weeds, sweeping up the drive. It will be good to help him and good to have him around.

We told Dunito about a program in the church for helping members start small businesses, receive training, and to pay back the loans. Dunito indicated he has plans for a little business in Sibalom and he wants to get some trade training. The program will be right up his address.

After meeting, we gave  Dunito a ride to Sibalom on our way back. We stopped for a quick ice cream for all and then took our translator to lunch and did a few errands in San Jose. We paid two month rental on the vehicle and paid our internet cable bill and then we filled the tank on the truck. We are home now with literally nothing left to do beside read scriptures, paint, visit, so we will.

It is very humid, making it very hot. The temp is only about 88, but the humidity makes it feel way over a hundred. Hoping for the clouds to come soon today. The cloud cover cools the place off more than the rain.
Few pics:

School started again this morning. This school is across the street from our compound. The trikes were lined up to take parents home from dropping their children for the first day of school.
This guy just lopped off about an 8 inch in diameter limb over the highway. He is barefoot and used a machete to chop off the limb. One can see the bunches of mangoes hanging in the tree. These would be tough to harvest.
Another Vietnam picture I have been working on. It is impressionistic and I sort of like it. I started with the shadows and have been working in the color and added some salt for some texture. I work on it for a few minutes a day.

This is a #2 pencil on poster board. It is unfinished as yet. This is an little wrinkled old lady I photographed in the market about a month ago. She wears an old athletic hand towel on her head. We saw her a few days ago and it looked like she hadn't changed a thing.  

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