Tuesday, May 20, 2014

21 Mayo

It seems a bit cooler because of the clouds. But, it is oh so humid. We painted this morning down at what is a warf/port. A ship was off loading cement and we painted there. There were kids and local adults all over us watching. I had fun, but in about an hour, I was totally wet from sweat. Got a pretty fun picture for plein aire.

Today we will got to Sister Lorna's house in the hills. She has a date for baptism Saturday, if her husband lets her go. We are praying that he will soften.

Many of the men in the hills drink coconut wine and get pretty hammered. They then talk about their wives taking lessons in the church. Lorna is leading and Lorna's children want to support her and three of them want to be baptized. The churchmen in the area are up in arms about it. We are sad that there is so little religious freedom in a country that brags about freedom. Lucifer is mustering all his forces. We pray for her to be able to exercise her agency.

After visiting Lorna, if we are not rained out, Brother Kib and I will go to find some of the less active brothers and check their addresses. Many are moved or dead. The records are sorely in need of updating. Working on that.
Couple of guapos . . . one missing most of his teeth.
Most of the painters chose other subjects around the place, but I tried this one.

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