Thursday, May 8, 2014

Huwebes the 8th

Started out pretty slow today, then the ym/yw conference forgot to get the Books and pamphlets to the resort where they are staying and called for a rescue. We hustled over to the church and got their materials and took it to them.

We went all afternoon to Hamtic and went with the missionaries to Lorna, Helen and Alma's housed. Sister Sessions and I are about worthless in our estimation as we have no idea as to what they are teaching. Now and then we hear a scripture reference and we chase there to find out what they are teaching. We try to share a testimony according to what we glean from the scripture, but we feel utterly worthless.

Sunset on the way home this evening. A storm was brewing behind us and it is really dumping right now.
 Here are a few thought Elder Arden shared with us that struck me. I wanted to write them somewhere that I would have them in the future.

"There is no resting place on the path to faithfulness." attributed to President Monson

"Satan wants us to think 'average' is okay, but the celestial kingdom is a place for those who excel."

"When we read the word 'steadfast' in the scriptures, it means true to covenants."

Examine everything closely and analyze closely, staying aware of the "cunning plans of Satan." For instance, getting married after your mission late to "hang out". This discounts the family, God's perfect learning, loving organization. It gives fewer children for Satan to fight for or against. There are many subtle things we overlook in Satan's cunning plans.

"Our capabilities increase as we act for Christ."

Ask yourself, "What/where is Satan's place of entry into our lives?" Good question. Again, it may be subtle.

"The Lord judges our prayers to see if they are worthy of being answered."

Elder Arden talked about the Samaritan woman who Jesus taught at the well. He told her that if she knew who she was speaking with she would have asked Him for water (meaning his teachings, knowledge, blessings). We fill our well from the scriptures and give water when we teach/serve others. We need to keep filling our wells daily and we hope others are doing the same so they can share with us.  

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