Friday, May 30, 2014

Biyernes the 30th of Mayo

Pretty fair day. We went fairly early to Sibalom and picked up the Elders, then drove up to Dunito's place, crossing the river, and walking the rice paddies. The morning was not super hot, so it was nice. We met Dunito and Lilly and Lilly's brother and sister in law. The Elders taught two lessons actually; one to Lilly and another to Lucifar (sp? I'm sure this in not spelled correctly, but it sounds like this.), Lilly's Brother.
Just crossed the river. These are two very tall missionaries, so it was a bit higher up the legs of Sister S. and me.
Couple of little fishin' dudes. I asked them if they were biting and they looked back at me wondering, "What is that old fat white man saying?"
Back across the river and awaiting a cloudburst coming over my shoulders...
We dropped the Elders in the barangay so they could keep working and we drove back to San Jose to clean-up. We then met Francis at the church and took him to lunch. We have made a deal with him to spend two mornings a week with us, teaching us Kilaray-a, the langage of Antique. 
Francis is the one between Elder Shaffer and Elder Ortiz, looking back at me. I caught them heading out to teach.
Francis is a college graduate in criminology and is now preparing for the board tests in October. He plans to serve a mission right after boards. He doesn't want us to pay him, but we are insisting. We hope to see him save what we will pay him to teach us and he can use the funds for his mission. He is a very fine young man and I think he can help us . . . but, my memory is a big question. It is getting mighty slippery.

I went with Brother Kib to visit after lunch and we visited Rodney, and we tried to get a lead on Brother Loza, but were unable to do so. We were both worn out from the day, so we gave it up. It was a fruitful day.

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