Thursday, May 1, 2014

1May 2014

Beautiful day here in the Philippines. We got up early and walked at the track. It took me a long time and many laps to loosen up enough to walk well. We hurried home and got ready to go to Culasi. We were to transport a missionary and his gear up there. We ended up hauling his gear and two missionaries from Bugasong back to Bugasong. It is a long story . . . . We then went to Culasi because two Elders were ill and needed to come to San Jose to see a doctor. When we got there, 5 missionaries returned with us. They wanted to pick up their support (money) for the month.

We got played, big time. They should have just told me they needed to get their money and dink around for the day. I guess they were embarrassed, and well they should be. We got them to San Jose and dropped them off at the doctor's office and went on our way to lunch. By the time I got done driving for 3.5 hours, I was stiff and sore again.

We then met the Hamtic Elders and went to the mountains. We taught Lorna and her boys. Sister Sessions bought and wrapped a basketball hoop and ball for Robert, one of the sons, as we had missed his birthday a few days ago when we couldn't go. We had a great lesson. All the boys want to be baptized when Lorna gets baptized. I hope her husband comes around in time. His heart is softening, amat amat. (little by little)

Lorna went with us and we hiked to Helen's and taught her. Sister S. and I taught the degrees of glory. Sister Helen is getting baptized a week after Lorna.

Then, Helen and Lorna hiked with us to Mary Tess's place and there we met another friend and her husband. The new friend's name is Alma. We taught another lesson and Helen and Lorna bore testimony to Mary Tess and Alma. It was so fun. The four sat on a bench facing us and you could see the life in their eyes and the happiness. I asked them to tell their husbands that they had found a pearl of great value and get their husbands to listen too.

Seeing the progress of Lorna and Helen is spectacular. Through reading the scriptures, feeling the Spirit, attending church, and listening to the Elders, they are progressing and can see it and feel it themselves. I mentioned how fun it was to watch.We then hiked up the side of the canyon to the Ranger. It was shorter, and luckily, I can go up way better than down and across plowed fields. Sweat poured . . .

Beautiful sunset. Antique is known for beautiful sunsets, but this is the first we have seen as we are normally back at the house by now, (6:49 pm . . . 4:42 am in Idaho).
I can see this sky in watercolor.

Need a panaramic lens, eh?

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