Friday, May 23, 2014

Sabado Ako 24 Mayo

I was going to make an entry last evening, but we got working with the Zone Leaders, particularly Elder Ortiz who has just come back into the field from the office. He is expert in some of the minutia and bureaucracy of the church. He went to work on finding Dunito Dalute's records and on finding the ward in Tacloban where Dunito's relatives may still be living. We are so excited to see some progress.

Then, this morning, Elder Morgan texted us and told us the Lilly, Dunito's wife, has committed to baptism. She has been attending, so her date is June 7. This is big. If all goes well, they may go to the temple to be sealed as a family before we go home. SWEET! Naturally, Lucifer will kick it into high gear, but Dunito is dang faithful and I think Lilly is doing well. The daughters will be fine. What a great day.

I wanted to record a few strange pictures. When the barangays have fiestas, they are usually based on religious traditions, but the people turn out to parade and watch the parades. The parade participants dress up in outlandish costumes, paint themselves, get drunk, dance down the street, and wear spooky masks. (There is a lot of superstition here.) The cross dressors put on their finest and parade as well. Very interesting/strange to us. Some folks just walk in the parade and enjoy some notoriety.

These guys didn't look so beautiful, but there are a good many cross dressers in the Philippines and some are great looking women/guys. WEIRD!!!! Judgemental, I know . . . Sorry about that.
This guy is playing wildly on a oil drum drum. He and the dancing cat above were hammered. The guy above is about half way through a fifth of what ever it is they drink, rum I think.

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