Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Thursday Morning, the 29th

We got home from Iloilo and Zone Conference about 8:30 last evening. The day was okay. The training by the Assistants to the President was very good. We had heard President Aquino's presentation at district leadership meeting a few weeks back.

President was asked by the area to present a portion of the training, I guess to leaving missionaries, about the Family Proclamation and their future plans. The training was a little disjointed, but the Spirit showed us several things. One thing called to my mind is regret that I feel from my failings as a father. I did some things well, but have fallen way short of the man in this short Mormon Message. Here is a father that the Lord Jesus Christ will meet and greet with open arms, for this man is like Him.

A Father Indeed (Mormon Messages)

President Aquino went over Elder Ardern's and Sister Ardern's message on finding a mate. He had the missionaries who are going home in a few weeks bear testimonies. We enjoyed the company of the missionaries and we went to Robinson's to get some groceries.

This morning we went to the track to walk. The Eglesia (sp?) de Christo has had a big revival meeting there the past few days, so they were taking that down. We couldn't walk. There was garbage strung everywhere and up and down the streets from a half mile away. What a mess. I wonder if garbage cans were put out, if people might use them? At the church, it is the same thing. People leave garbage all over inside the church, but the only garbage collection cans are in the restrooms.

 This appears to be another slack Thursday. I am going to go get the truck cleaned and hope to contact some local leaders to go visit. Sister S. will be cleaning the apartment. We are going with the Elders tomorrow morning to visit Dunito and Lilly and the girls. We hope we can get across the river. We will, but Sister S. is not the best swimmer, so  . . .

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