Tuesday, May 20, 2014

 Tuesday the 20th

The Elders were waiting for somebody to open the church this morning. They were across the street at a "chongi" (little store run out of somebody's hut. We let them in and we had good meetings. Sister Sessions and I usually leave right after meetings. The Elder leaders do interviews and then many of them usually go to some place for lunch.

We came home. I wanted to get ready to go plein aire painting with two Filipino men who have stores in the Centillion downtown. They called about 11:00 to let me know they couldn't get away, so we are going to try for next Tuesday. That was my attempt at missionary work today. We have nothing else going.

I went up to San Remigio, up in the mountains north of Sibalom to find a place to paint, nothing else to do. It was very pretty and I finally settled on a little scene to paint. I got the scetch done, then started to paint and the rain hit. I was rained out, but I have some photos from down below.

When I got back to the house, Sister S. and I e-mailed President Aquino to see if he could pull some strings with the mission president/presidents up around Tacloban to find Dunito's family. Dunito's records are also someplace up there and he can't advance in the Priesthood until they get his records in Sibalom. He and his family have been attending regularly and he has been paying tithing. That is big here. Many members don't pay any tithing and others make contributions. The big deal in becoming a stake is to have 20-25 tithe paying Melchizedek Priesthood men in each branch. We are far from that.

Pray for Sister Lorna to be able to be baptized. Lucifer is going wild in the mountains of Hamtic. We are going with the Elders to visit her tomorrow. We are excited, and we hope not to get rained out of there.

Anyplace to hang wash or dry rice is fair game.
Heading to work
Seeded paddies
Interesting that an area can be prone to accidents . . . these signs are all over the place here.

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