Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Miyercoles the 7th of May

We just got home from a day at the Mission Home and a Zone Conference, referred to here as a mission tour. The area Seventy came to teach. He and his wife did a great job and we really enjoyed the instruction. Elder Ian Arden is in the First Quorum  of Seventy and has been in the church educational system for a career. He is a long time church leader and mission president, and now an area authority. He and his wife currently live in Manila and oversee the Philippines.
Not our zone and President signaled that only one camera could be used, so I will try to get a picture of our zone for a later post. Elder and Sister Arden and President and Sister Aquino are seated in the center. There were 4 zones in attendance and they are meeting again tomorrow for the other zones of the mission (177) missionaries at this time.
We had a P-day Monday and I taught watercolor class. Yesterday we went to district meetings and just hung out in case we were needed to help with the ym/yw conference, but no calls. . . Sister Sessions had a quiet birthday with pizza for lunch. That was the highlight.

This morning we picked up missionaries and hauled them to the mission tour. We bought a pad for the bed of the Ranger so it wouldn't be so uncomfortable. Not much going on with us at this time. I am waiting for a call from the Melchizedek Priesthood leader in our branch for a home teaching assignment. Noting yet. We may go back to Iloilo tomorrow and get the oil changed in the truck at Ford. No filters in San Jose.

I had a good talk with Elder Arden today and he told me to focus on reactivating Melchizedek Priesthood holders who would come back and be active and pay a full tithe. Lack of these brethren is what blocks Antique from becoming a stake. There are so very many less active people in the district and San Jose especially. So, I am going to get with the branch president and go over the list with him and pin-point several who might be interested in coming back. The Elders and I can start visiting and hopefully the local leaders with us. That is my current plan for the immediate future.

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