Saturday, May 17, 2014

17 May, Saturday

We are worn out. We walked early this morning and I went to get a haircut. We had meetings starting at 10:00 am with President Aquino and President Villoso. President Aquino trained the leaders, who showed up. We were very disappointed at the turn-out.

Antique has been struggling to become a stake and we could definitely see why today. The training was great and the questions were definitely inspired. The President said many things which I shall quote. In fact, I am going to ad the notes of the morning meeting so all can see them. There was nothing confidential and there is plenty for all members in the world to practice. Here are the notes:

Leadership meeting Mayo 17
President Aquino Presiding/Teaching
Present: President Aquino, President Villoso, President Villavert, President Villalobos, President Tandoy, President Nabong, Brother Cabreros, Brother Palma

President Villavert: Welcome
Opening Song: 220
Opening Prayer: Pres. Tandoy

Spiritual Thought: Paul Palma . . . John 14:15 If we love Him, let us keep his commandments . . .

President Aquino:

1.  Vision   
2.  Organization
3.  Evaluation
4.  Criteria to become a stake
5.  Establish the church

"Who will work?" asked President Aquino.  Pres. Tandoy answered, "Every member." 
President Aquino said, "It takes 1900 members to make a stake . . . we are at 1784."

President Villalobos . . . members must cooperate with missionaries

Need 116 baptisms . . .

After baptism:
Priesthood base . . .20-25 active, tithe paying Melchizedek Priesthood brethren
How do we get these?
Bugasong:   23 on rolls, (4) active
Sibalom:      26              (21)
Hamtic:       42              (12)
San Jose:    88              (17)
Dao             13

Area Presidency will look at the priesthood base and turn us down.
President Nabong said we have to start visiting the members.

Pres. Aquino: 
"If you put the church first in your life, your family will be blessed.
What is your vision? What legacy will you leave? Be examples for the next generations to come..
Extend callings. Train your people. Keep training people."

Goal:  Stake
Pres. Villavert
Exec. Secretaries

Train your replacements.

Women in the Church . . . wives support their husbands . . . see Section 82:14

Bishops/Branch Presidents
Look at your records . . .  Priests?  Less actives? Go find them. "You never know when the Lord will prick their hearts." Tell them they are needed. Give them an important job and they will come for sure. Train them in their jobs

"I promise that if you do these things, the Lord will bless this district."

For every 20 members, we must have 1 full tithe paying active Melchizedek Priesthood man.

Concern:  Young Men             Future Missionaries

B             27   active 12                  0
S             38             22                 4
H             26             8                   0
SJ            37             7                  0
D              5              5                   0

Organization:     Branches fill up vacant callings. Take a good risk.
Give training . . .train newly called . . .the Lord will qualify you (and them) for the work.

The extension of a call is a teaching moment. Call them one by one and explain the importance of their callings.

Fill the vacancies in your presidencies and divide the work. Use an organizational chart. Divide the labor.  Weekly PEC meetings
          Monthly Branch Council meetings
Invite missionaries to help you know who is being taught. Use New and Returing member forms to track progress.
Major Focus:  Missionary work
Need commitment: obedience . . . sacrafice

 Church     These are interchangeable as to which is first.
Teach your families and members the "true points of doctrine."  (Doctrine of Christ 2 Nephi 31, Article of Faith 4).

Evaluation: Evaluate yourself. What must you do to help your people?

Branch President is not a forever calling. Train people to replace you and carry on. Look for people who can replace you.

Go to the scriptures. Study daily. See section 52:14

Organize Family:  Monday   FHE
                           Tues-Thurs  Family scripture study
                           Friday    Date/activity night#

                           Sat.        Prepare for Sabbath . . . clean church . . .family activities
Sabbath: The Lord's Day/Sacrament

These precepts establish the church . . .
Teach your children using this pattern and you will not be afraid when they leave home.
Pattern in all things . . .set to help each other and not be deceived.

To President Villavert:  Give more training
                                  Study the scriptures
                                  Teach leaders the handbook

Closing Hymn: 81

Closing Prayer: Pres. Cabreros

It was a good meeting. If the branch presidents and district leaders are obedient, this will work. I liked what President Aquino said about organizing the family's week. Wish we had done family home evenings every week and I would like to have the opportunity to read the scriptures as a family one more time. Ryan, Tommy, Mom, and I tried when we lived in Salem, the I was too weak in the face of Tommy and Ryan snoring . . . Maybe we should have tried reading in the evening instead of early morning. If a a frog had wings . . . eh?

Couple more pics for Elder Christensen's mother. We were with the Elders/Sisters for a youth activity. Elder Christensen taught the Hamtic youth about reading and leading music. They they played games.

Elders Christensen and Bohman zinging a water balloon skyward.

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