Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lunes, Mayo 19

P-Day. The young missionaries had a "Great Race" todasy for their zone outing in the quarter. We did not attend. I had watercolor class this morning. A couple of the older kids are doing very well. The younger don't listen . . . hard to believe. They seem to be having fun. We will go out to plein aire paint Wednesday.

After the class, Sister Sessions and I called home. We only raised Michael. We will try a few more tomorrow. Our window is pretty small with the difference in time. Other than that, we went to buy some eggs, it is raining, we are bored stiff. We are enjoying the scriptures, but we would really like to feel like we are doing something of value.

We are hearing that Sister Lorna's husband is putting pressure on her to not be baptized. We pray for her. We know that she has felt the Spirit and she has read widely in the BoM and has a testimony. We pray for her husband to soften. 

Carabao family. The man is riding the bull. The cow walks agean with the little one following.
Nothing else to share. Took some pictures for possible watercolor painting.
Second rider today. This guy is riding his bull home after a hard day in the rice paddies. 
Prepping a rice paddy for planting. The carabao pulls a harrow through the field, then they flood it and the carabao drags a float through, back and forth, back and forth. When she is smooth, the walk back and forth seeding by hand, then they flood it again and wait for the rice to grow. They they harvest by hand and start again.

Halong. District meetings tomorrow and maybe some visiting. We are hoping . . .

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