Wednesday, April 30, 2014

30 April
Seems like April Fools Day was about a week ago.

I got up pretty early and got over to the church and set up to do watercolor class. Not so many came and no investigators. I was a little bummed, but it was pretty fun and the time flew.

Maybe we will get more people, and maybe we will run the class again in June, or something.

We zipped up to Culasi to take cargo to the Elders in Culasi and Bugasong. We stopped in Bugasong to have lunch on the way back. It was terrible. I hate to wast my one meal a day on crappy food. We are learning where not to eat, but it may take a while. There are few good places, so we keep hunting and trying.

We got back to San Jose and tried to locate the Zone Leaders so we could go teach with them, but we haven't heard from them. I finally texted them and told them to try us next week. We are pooped out from the day.

Then, we received a text from an Elder the mission is transferring up to Culasi. You guessed it, we are heading back there tomorrow hauling him, his luggage, and pianos for the branch meetings. We are going to see Sister Lorna and Sister Mary Tess tomorrow afternoon, but we will have to hump as they are in the opposite end of the District in Hamtic.

We want to walk in the morning. Something has gotten in the way every
day since last Saturday. I am feeling terrible. When I don't walk, the arthritis kicks up. It seems counter to what one might think. Pics from the travel today:
It was about a thousand degrees today and look at how these construction workers were dressed. The guy in the pale pink coveralls kills me. The only way I could work in that get-up was if they were shooting me with a hose all day. All those clothes, and they were all wearing flip-flops for footwear. Cool feet . . . cool body? Nah. . .
Fishing boats anchored off shore above Bugasong. They fish at night with lights to attract fish.
Clouds captured my attention.
This Sister has a few miles on her. I had to snap the picture and I want to draw her in pencil. Wish I had the language to talk to her and ask her questions, maybe even share the Gospel with her.
This here's lefty. Poncho is down out of the picture. They hang around the outside light at night waiting for the bugs that are attracted to the light. These cats and there brothers, sisters, off-spring  are all over the house. They are fun and they keep the bugs down.

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