Friday, June 27, 2014

Biyernes ang 27, 2014

Going to haul Elders and Sisters to visit less actives in the Belison area at 1:00 today. We meet with the District President and Branch leaders at 5:00. We look forward to doing something . . .

Tomorrow the Dao "Angels" (Elders Mondragon and Ualat) baptize two young women. I will try to ride a jeepney up to support them, but a brother is getting baptized in San Jose (one we have been involved with in teaching and fellow-shipping).

Dulito called at 4:30 this morning from Cebu. He is on his way to Tacloban to try and locate his family, if they are still alive after Yolanda. We employ him to keep us supplied with peanuts and to sweep/clean around the house one day a week, and I bought some bamboo from him to make easels. He has been able to save enough over the last month, or so, to travel to Tacloban.

I don't know if he knew the time, if he didn't really care, or if he figured we would be up. I was awake, but barely, when the phone sounded. I told him to be careful and we hope he finds his family alive and well.

Painted this up near Dao yesterday. It is hard to get a good photo of the painting, but it is one that I like. Not many have turned out well.
7:04 pm     We had a good day with the missionaries visiting in Belison. Then, we had a good meeting with President Villavert and Brother Amar this evening. We explained the focus for missionaries and suggested the process for the District Mission Plan (and Branch Mission Plan).

The plan for the Branches and District would focus on leader visitation and building home teaching and visiting teaching in each branch. We teach: Individual and Family Prayer, Scripture Study (individual and family), Family Home Evening, Church Attendance, Paying Tithing, and Individual Evaluation of Personal Progress.

We talked about callings and went over the handbook regarding callings. We talked about confidentiality and interviewing. I think it was a good meeting and a good training. We have far to go, but we have willing leaders with whom we are able to work. Pretty good day. Tomorrow . . . baptisms.

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