Friday, June 20, 2014

Sabado, June 21

We have had great outpourings of rain the last few days. We have only been able to exercise at the track once this week. Hopefully we can go this evening, after leadership meeting.

We have done our Antique apartment checks and little else. Last evening I was able to go with the Elders to the Angsanud home (sp?). We taught the restoration and I was able to teach about prophets and Joseph Smith and bear testimony. We had a good meeting. Mostly, when Elder Ortiz talked about prayer and family prayer, I was moved to testify to the family that they would look back, in the not too distant future, and recognize the blessings to their family from family prayer and family reading of the scriptures. The other things that I taught were from me and I did not feel the Spirit.

Having a tough time with sores on my knees, elbows, chin, and rear. I saw the doctor two days ago in San Jose. She is a dermatologist and she prescribed medication for me. It cost me about 7 dollars for the doctor's visit and about $40 for the medication. I am to take the medication and use the ointment for two weeks. So far, I feel better from the antibiotics, but the sores are not improving. I have jungle rot of some sort under the thumbnail of the weird thumb from Michael's inpetigo. We are losing a bit of weight and feel pretty strong, just rotting away slowly.

We are teaching in Leadership Training this afternoon for the district. We are teaching on shepherding and sort of look forward to the opportunity. San Jose has a long way to go . . .

Some Pics from this week's travels:
This is an old church/school about half way to Bugasong. I can't remember the name of the barangay.
Boat builder near Francis' house. They roll the big boats up on palm trunks so they can make repairs to the bottoms.
For some reason, everyone loves to have their pictures taken. They will never see the pictures, but they don't care. The boat builder wanted me to take his picture and the two people talking to him were pleased to be included.

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