Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sabado ang 28th

Good day today. We walked; it seems like a long time back now. I worked on the District/Branches Mission Plan and received e-mails from the Mission Office. I got the truck cleaned and read scriptures.

The guys cleaning the truck did a detail on it. They like that I give them a good tip for their help and they go overboard.

Sister Sessions took the truck today and hauled the Relief Society leaders and the sister missionaries to the chapel. They cleaned, then they went visiting teaching.

While they were going, I finished the rough draft for President Villavert and President Amar and took some e-mails to President Villavert from the Mission Office. I rode a trike and then walked back to the house. I read scriptures some more, then rode a trike to the chapel for baptisms this evening. W

At the church, there were a whole bunch of youth and members there for the baptism and to just socialize. The church is a meeting place each evening for basketball in the parking lot and for the youth and young singles to get together and play and visit.

The baptism was well done and I had the honor of doing the closing prayer. I tried some Kinaray-a, but ran out of words pretty fast and shifted quickly to English.

It was a spiritual meeting. I looked at Matthew 11:28-30, then to 3 Nephi 9:15-22 while the talks on the Spirit and Baptism were taking place. I can't understand enough to make the talks worth while yet. I was thinking of the two people being baptized, Brother Agsunud and Sister Karen (?). How they were taking upon them the yoke of Christ and what blessing lie in store for them if they keep themselves "in the way". The music invited the Spirit and the baptisms were sweet.

We were going for ice cream after, but we started giving rides home three sisters that live in the compound and forgot to go to ice cream. . . we will make up for it Monday.
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Sister Viliami. What a great missionary and what a fun person.

From the left, Elder Ortiz, Sister Karen and her little girl, Brother Agsunud and then his daughter, Sister Agsunud and their boy, then Elder Schaffer. Brother Agsunud bore testimony after the baptism and he looked like he belonged at the podium. Hope to see him there often in the coming months.

Brother Kib recording the goings on. He is the mission leader, among other callings and he photographs everything and shares on Facebook. Lots of fun . . .

Sister Winward visiting with the young women while they make little flowers to share. Pretty cool flowers.

Sister Sessios visiting with the Relief Society President (Sister Aldemita). Sister Viliami in the foreground playing a little volleyball with the kids.
Great time. Sabbath Day tomorrow and confirmations of those baptized. Maybe we will get to visit with some branch leadership tomorrow. Anyway, we look forward to taking the Sacrament and learning in Sunday School and Priesthood/Relief Society.

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