Saturday, June 28, 2014

Huwebes the 26th
6:34 pm

Got home from a rough afternoon on painting in Dao with Paulo and Rodell. It was very fun and relaxing.

Things are going pretty well. We had a "brown out" last night. That means the electricity shut down in town. We were lucky and the evening was relatively comfortable. We opened the windows and slept fitfully, but not bad. I am so glad it didn't happen a few months ago. I would have had to sleep in the running car in the air con.

We have had about 3 down days, with little going on mission wise. I have been working with Jon Sia to get the WiFi going at the branch building. It has been down 4 months. He said they would come today and it worked out that the power came on in time for them to work. I have texted him to see if we are wifi'ing in San Jose yet. Haven't heard back . . . not a good sign. We will have wifi . . .

Tomorrow I go with the missionaries to visit and tomorrow evening we have a leadership meeting in the San Jose District. We are running it by agenda. It ought to be a good meeting and we will accomplish a good deal.

Some photos from today:
Painting partners. We did some good work today and I learned a bunch about painting ocean and beach.
School gets out about 5:00 pm and the kids fill the streets and highways walking home.

Still a sucker for colorful unbrellas . . .
This is Elder Bohman. He is heading home Monday. He will be missed. He is from Las Vegas and has been given the gift of tongues. Good man, great missionary.

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