Monday, June 23, 2014

Lunes ang 23rd

Back from Iloilo. We left pretty early, but the roads through the mountains and the traffic into Iloilo were killers. It took us longer than we thought. I drove like a crazy man for the last 40 minutes, and that put us 12 minutes late. I hate being late.

When we got to the mission home, the missionary that set the appointment for 9:00 am was not there yet. He was about another 20 minutes. I hate lateness. . . here is my thinking, for what it is worth. With our agency, comes our choice on how to spend our time. We sometimes do well and sometimes we waste our time. My thinking is, You don't get the choice to waste my time. Yes, I bend, but I have been known to leave.

President Aquino came into the office and asked to see me in his office, but he had to interview some sisters first. That saved the appointment for signing our paperwork. I was just about out the door. Had a good talk with the President. He is pretty ill. I told him to see a doctor, but he told me he had lots of medicine. . .

We went to China Art, looking for a good art supply dealer. It was very poorly supplied. Gion's in San Jose has more and better supplies.

Sister S wanted to go to MacDonalds. We did so. I could only eat fries and drink a coke. The sores on my arms are not improving. Don't know what to do. I guess we will go back to Iloilo to a dermatologist there.

It was a beautiful day. The light seems to have changed, like it does when summer changes to fall. Some pics:
Mid-Iloilo. There are Catholic cathedrals all around Panay. They are quite beautiful and very old. . .

The shore near Anini-y. Pretty bay and pretty day.
Just some buildings I liked off the "fly-over" near Iloilo Proper. This translates to a picture from the overpass in downtown Iloilo.
We were pooped when we got in the door. Sister S is taking a nap and I am worrying about my sores, wondering what to do with them. I have tried several prescription creams from Boise and from San Jose. I have tried neosporin(sp?), actually a walgreen double for the same. The dogs are barking. Think I'll heat up some soup.

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