Sunday, June 15, 2014

Domingo the 15th
Here is is Father's Day. We had no idea until we got to church this morning in Culasi. We have no idea what day it is most of the time. We missed Mother's Day too. Lucky for us somebody remembers and knows the date. Happy Father's Day to the boys and Brian. Be great ones . . .

We had a wonderful evening last night with a major family home evening at Bertolano's up in the Hamtic hills. Lorna's whole family was there and I think Robert (the father/husband) is softening. We took pictures and had a lot of fun joking with everyone. Sister Sessions made snicker doodles and they were a hit. We had a lesson on agency and we played some games and ate treats. It was truly good and fun and the Lord was involved, softening hearts helping friends. Sweet!
Left to right/back to front: Robert, Rensi, Lorna, Little Robert Ryan and down front, Ralph. Lorna made Robert change his T-shirt because the other had holes. He is a good guy and I hope to see the whole family baptized before we come home. Good group!
We picked up President Villavert this morning and drove to Culasi. Sister Sessions and I were asked to speak in their sacrament. Sister S spoke on prayer and I did testimonies. We did okay. President Villavert spoke well and it was sort of fun because he threw in enough English that I could understand what the talk was about. We had a great conversation during the two hour trip and he used some of the things we talked about in his talk. It was a good, fun day in humble surroundings with humble, joyful people.
Getting ready for sacrament meeting. President Villavert center rear. Good man.

Semi Whacky Picture after sacrament meeting. Then we spit with Sister Ortega (down front) taking the primary and Elder Millellin (back left) teaching Gospel Essentials. What a great time.
 We met in the walkway between a concrete wall and the houses in the compound. They have tarps over the seating area in case of rain, and to keep off the warm sun. The sacrament was very special and I just absolutely loved being there and talking to people. Many are about to join the church through baptism.

Each person was to introduce themselves in Sunday school. I stood and said, "Ako si Elder Sessions, taga United States." You'd think I was a rock star. They smiled and laughed and got a real kick out of the old geezer speaking Kinari-a. It was a hit. Sister S would not try it . . . next time maybe.

We talked to a young man (far right in the group pic) that was attending for the first time. I thought he was a member. He led our group in Sunday School. I asked him when he was  being baptized. It was the first he had thought of it, but I told him the Lord loves him and wants him in His church. He is suppose to call us and let us know so we can come to his baptism, in the ocean.

He told Sister S that he would get our information from the Elders and that he would call us for sure. What a great young man. He works for a bank in Culasi and said he was a temporary employee there. I told him that may change. The district needs him and the Lord just may have plans for him as well and to stay flexible. Just a great day.

We drove back to San Jose, had lunch at the house with Elder Millellin and then deposited him with the Zone Leaders to go work. We are pooped and waiting for Francis to come and have a little language lesson.

Tomorrow we take Elder Millellin to Iloilo to test in English at the mission home. He goes home in two weeks and needs that certification to help him in so many ways, inside the church and in the work sector. We look forward to spending a day with him and learning about the CES test program. We will be administering the test to Elders/Sisters who finish their English study in Antique. Two great days, with a third on the horizon.

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