Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Martes the 17th

We went to Iloilo yesterday morning. We transported Elder Millellin (pronounces milleelin) to the mission home to take his CLS English test online. Sister Taylor administered the test and trained Sister Sessions and me how to do the same in Antique.

We left San Jose at 8:00 am and got to Iloilo about 10. We went to get a quick bite to eat at Pie Surprise. We did the test stuff and took Elder Millellin and the Taylors to some bamboo shop run by the Catholic Sisters in LaPaz. It was a pretty neat place. Elder Millellin had them make several replica name badges from bamboo and made them into key chains. They are pretty cool. He is giving them to some of his close missionary friends in the mission prior to leaving for home (in two weeks).

The Taylors separated from us at the shop. I was sort of surprised because we would have been glad to run them over across the way to the dock where they could catch a pump boat home. I think I bothered her with my driving. We went to Robinson's Market and got a few groceries and some treats for the 4 hour ride to Culasi.

Elder Millellin is a fine missionary and is finishing up his mission in two weeks. He extended for a few months to help and was a delight to Sister Sessions and me as we went about together for the whole day. We drove him back to Culasi last evening and had hours of gospel/missionary discussion.

The down side of the trip was we came to a barangay just before Annini'i and a man had been killed in a motorcycle accident. The motorcycle was in the middle of the road and the man was in the far shoulder. I couldn't see and broken limbs, abrasions, or cuts. The motorcycle seemed to be okay. The guy was dead though, and we wondered if he was hit, or if he fell off. Many ride while they are in the bag. It is a common death, we are told.

Another downer was when we tried to mail a package to the US for the second time. The place ticked me off so bad that I just took the package back from the dork lady who was messing with me and got out of there.  When we got to Culasi, I asked Elder Stacey to mail it when he gets home in two weeks and gave him some money to do so. No more packages going to the US from us.

We got home to San Jose about 10:00 pm and got to bed. I am behind in my Old Testament reading. I read a few minutes in Jeremiah and couldn't handle any more. It is one boring book of scripture. Some of the Old Testament is miss-named . . . Boring Testament would be closer. They ought to have cut it down to about 3-4 good books.Well, I will keep after it and will get into the New Testament in about a week.

We took P-day today, after district meetings at the church this morning. We took cake for Sister Pappleye's birthday and after, I went painting with Rodell and Paulo.

We had a good time, but it rained like crazy. We went to a little beach resort and painted from under a nepa roof. (SP?) It was quiet and relaxing and they taught me some good things. Good guys. I am trying to get the chance to open my mouth to them. I taught Rodell about the Word of Wisdom last week. They joked about it today saying, "Let's go get a beer." They thought that was pretty funny. Obviously, Rodell had shared our lesson with Paulo, but they wouldn't bite on any little hints today. We had a good time and enjoyed each other's company. Patience.

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