Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday the 13th. . .

Actually a pretty lucky day. We walked this morning and there were very few people there. Then we had breakfast and waited for Francis. He didn't show up, so we fired him a text, "Sino ikaw?" (Where You?)
Sounds strange, but "are" is not used.

Francis texted us back that it was raining so hared at his house that he couldn't come. It was not raining at our house at all, but I don't doubt his word. We have been in four inches of water about half mile away and it is dry in our driveway when we get home. We set up to meet Sunday evening for a while to study.

We had nothing going today, but Rodell and I went painting and I had a great time. He showed me how to paint lighter by demonstrating with a portrait. We went to the Kammai Beach Resort and it was peaceful and quiet. The ocean waves were coming in and the familiar sound of waves crashing on shore was comforting. It is usually so calm that there are no waves.

Yesterday we inspected apartments in Dao, Hamtic and the San Jose Sister's apartment. Being independence day, Dao held a parade. We caught the end of it, but it was the only float. Mostly, people just wore different colored T-shirts and walk in groups with umbrellas. Not sure what the draw is.
No idea what we were looking at here. Miss Visayas and Miss Minda  . . .can't read it. No idea, but they were all dolled up.

This morning, Rodell and I went looking for a place to paint. We went down to the port area, but there were too many people to have a little quiet privacy to paint.
This looked like a fun subject to me, but Rodell didn't like all the people looking on.
 Not much to report. Tomorrow, Sister Sessions has some appointments with the Sisters, but again, I have nothing on the docket. Sometimes it is pretty slack here. I have lots of scriptures to read and language to study . . . Sunday we get busy again for a few days, then back to slack, unless something comes up with the Elders/Sisters.

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