Sunday, June 8, 2014

Domingo the 8th
Sunday night:

We took President Villavert (district president) to Dao this morning for church. It was a beautiful day. The wind blew off the ocean and kept the building cool until noon. We then met with the branch presidency after the block and the weather had warmed  so the air coming through the windows was warm and wet. We talked about calendar and some things that I had no idea on (language problems). Meetings went well.

Dao branch meets in a house the church rents, but it has been big enough for quite a long time. The missionary work in Dao is slow. I know we are not supposed to say that, but in this case, it is very true. However, they do have several baptisms scheduled for the end of June. The missionaries there are good ones (serious and hard working) and we pray for them to find, teach, and baptize.
Break between Sacrament and Sunday School. I ran and got the camera.
I planned to visit this afternoon with President Guilingen, but he texted me that he was ill. We hung out at home and rested until this evening.

The San Jose missionaries all came for a cottage meeting and Sister Sessions made tacos. We enjoyed the meal quite a bit, but the native missionaries thought it only fair. It is so strange that we love the food we are brought up on and are used to, while the new things bother us. Rice is just way big here and we can't figure out why. (plain white rice

We had a good meeting and made plans for future improvements in visiting and finding. The two support one another.It was actually a very good meeting. We will meet in two weeks and check our progress.
From left around . . . Sister Viliami, Elder Shaffer, Elder Ortiz (zone leaders), Sister Winward, Sister Dotillos, and Sister Rappleye. Good group of hard working missionaries. They are really fun and we made plans for Sister Sessions and for me to visit/teach with them. We are excited.

Tomorrow we will have a normal P-day I suppose. We will help the missionaries get their laundry done, walk . . . then we are unplanned. We have some little chores to do, but not much. It has been a pretty good week.

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