Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sabado the 7th
June is flying past. I expect Sister Gingery and President are in Jamaica about now, it seems like this is the time. I am anxious to hear a report.

We went to Iloilo yesterday and toured the Univeersity of the Philippines Visayas' art collection. It was in an old building that was the city hall in the early 1900's, and was also taken over as headquarters for the Japanese Army in WWII. It has a strange musty smell and it is definitely historic.

We met a wonderful young woman at the library/gallery who took us on the tour. She was very knowledgeable and helped us enjoy the collection. I told her, near the end of our visit, that the Lord wanted her to join His church. She said she was comfortable in her present church. I told her just to keep it in mind . She said she would, but these folks would rather tell you what you want to hear than the truth . . . perhaps a seed though.

These are three favorites from the tour. We were allowed to photograph as long as the pictures were for personal use.

Other paintings were older, and many lacked matting and the frames were very poor, but the paintings were wonderful; done with substandard materials, and great talent. I really enjoyed the tour, and I think Sister S. did too. We are going to try to do more of this type of P-day activities.

We visited the Iloilo Museum as well. It was interesting, but small. There was not much art, but the artifacts from the island were interesting. We shopped at the grocery stores where we find US goods and had a nice ride.

It was our best time in Iloilo thus far. I usually want to get the heck out of there about 2 minutes after arriving. But, this time the traffic was not so bad and the day was fairly comfortable. The weather in bearable now and we are not so uncomfortable in the heat and humidity.

Today we walked and I went to pick up Dunito. He came to the house to work a bit. We had a nice lunch and we talked to the missionaries. We have been unsuccessful in locating Dunito's baptism/membership records. We are going to check under a couple of different spellings in Salt Lake City, but we suspect that the original record was never "recorded". Therefore, Dunito will have to be re-baptized. It bothered him to hear that, but the missionaries, using their language skills, were able to explain the process to him to his satisfaction.

This afternoon and evening I went with the missionaries visiting less active families. We had a good, spiritual time and I sure enjoyed meeting and sharing testimonies.

We have been working with Brother Francis on our language and enjoying that very much too. We may even learn enough to be dangerous before we leave for home.
Clouds from the parking lot of the SM mall. The skies and mountain scenes here are spectacular. I want to learn to paint these before we come home too.
I have been working on an easel. It is bamboo. This stuff is tough to make do what one wants. When you drill it cracks. When you saw it, it cracks. I almost finished a part, when it cracked. I epoxied it rather than start over.

Going to Dao tomorrow for church. We are taking the District President with us. We have talks prepared just in case we are asked to speak. It happens. The drive to Dao is beautiful and we love the missionaries. We look forward to the trip.

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