Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Thursday the 12th
Today is Philippine Independence Day. We had no idea, but Grace Villavert called this morning from America and told us. We have seen little snippets of patriotism today during our travel and the Philippine TV.

We drove to Dao this morning early to begin apartment inspections. The missionaries were prepared well. We checked area books and plan books. We asked if they had some cash stashed for emergencies and if they had 72 hour kits. We checked their furniture and asked about progress in English for native speakers. Sister Sessions checked the houses for cleanliness, cleaning materials, screens on windows, whether or not land lords were storing personal things in missionary apartments, and safety issues like smoke and CO2 detectors.

Sister S awarded sleeves of Chips Ahoy or Oreos for "celestial" apartments and she gave them some items to go in 72 hour kits to help build the kits (sardines and crackers). Sardines are big here in the Philippines, bigger than Spam even. She gave them a bottle of Ajax as well  because they have to buy their cleaning supplies themselves and some months money is short.

I have been sick since last night, tired, and my eyes burn. I am a bit worn down I suppose. I just got up from a two hour nap and I feel a bit logy, but my stomach is not upset like last night.

Sister S is with the sister missionaries this afternoon. They took the truck and went visiting less active sisters, visiting teaching and inviting them back. I am sure they are having a good (sister) time. She is probably really enjoying it because the sisters all speak English and they can converse.

Our language study is slow, but progressing. We both need to review for our lesson tomorrow morning.

I have been reading on the internet concerning America's involvement in the Philippines since 1889. Perspective make history differ some. I would like to read a non-biased book regarding the actual truthful history of Spain . . .America . . . Philippines and the independence of the Philippines. The Phillipine Google is not that place.

Raining daily and humid. Rain pounds on the roof as I write this. We still have a leak it appears. We are doing well enough, but this is sort of a down week. It is good that my little sickness hits this week.

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