Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wednesday the 9th of April

Good day today. We went to Hamtic for a Youth outing at the beach. As usual, everyone was an hour late. This is killin' me. I am not going to get used to it. We had a fun time and the Elders/Sisters played water balloon games tossing them to each other with towels to propel and catch the balloon.
The sand is like that in Southern California, but there is a lot of garbage laying around. The sand got hot about 10:30 and by 11:00 it was scorching hot. I had my shoes on, so it was not a problem. One Elder ran off to the beach, being chased with waterballooners. He was without his flip-flops. He had to use pieces of styrofoam to make his way back. They cooked fish on a little fire they built. They didn't gut the fish, just cooked them over the fire. We couldn't stay for the fish because we were going back to San Jose to change clothes and go teach Sister Lorna in the mountains again. We had great lesson and invited her to watch conference this weekend. She has a baptism date for May 10. We are hoping her sons will follow suit. See some pictures of the cooking and the mountain experience. I had an easier time of it this time.
Elder Nambio is the one with the hot feet. Randy, the guy cooking is the Hamtic branch missionary president. He is acting as Elder Hambio's companion as his other companion has been training as an Assistant to the President. Great guys, both.

These are Sister Lorna's boys, minus Robert who was out working. The little one is Ralph, the middle size boy is Ryan, and the big boy is Rencie (sp?)

We ran into this man and his carabao moving bamboo up the mountain road to sell.

 All in all, it was a good day. We always feel good to do something, almost anything to help. We talked to the District President last evening. He doesn't really have much for us to do either, according to him. The Mission President wants us to help them become a stake. Hmmmm?

I am going to teach watercolor for the month of May and we are going to open the family history offices for a few days a week, but we heard that nobody comes because it is too far. We have been asked to help with the young men and women. Now, that may be promising.  We will invite less active youth back into activity and to youth conference. 

Looking forward to that duty.  Good day. Tomorrow is pretty nebulous right now. We have a date to walk with Nonoi, in the morning at 5:30.  He is our neighbor and was taking the lessons. I don't know why he stopped, or the Elders stopped.

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