Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday the 26th

A bitter/sweet day today. We traveled to Bugasong and invited several young men and women to the upcoming conference. We lunched with the Elders there and then drove back to San Jose for a baptism.
The young man being baptized was taught by the San Jose Sisters.

The story is that the young man wanted to be baptized on the birthday of his older brother, today. A few days ago, his brother was stabbed to death. His brother was stabbed by some men and he was able to make his way to the hospital, but the doctors and nurses didn't seem to realize the seriousness of his wounds. While he waited for treatment, he died.

The baptism was a bit disorganized and started nearly an hour late. I don't know if the young man knew what was happening with all the preparations. Sister Sessions and I were a bit embarrassed. The thing is, when the opening song began, (I Am A Child of God) the Spirit came and the baptism ceremony turned out to be very special. The boy bore his testimony after his baptism, a common thing in the Philippines, and gave a beautiful, heartfelt, testimony. I couldn't understand much of it, but it didn't affect the Spirit.

He is the only on in his family in the church and nobody attended with him. He makes a great start for his family.

The Bible Dictionary says, "Baptism is a most sacred ordinance, which a person, having received it, can remember throughout life as a reminder of the personal commitment to Jesus Christ. Its symbolism is beautiful , and its consequences ever so desirable. . ." YEAH!!! It is the only way.I find many pearls in the Bible Dictionary. It isn't like the scriptures, but there are a good many explanations worth our time.

My favorite place that talks about baptism is in 2 Nephi 31, after Lehi died and the brothers split. He teaches his people about his revelation wherein he was instructed by God the Father and Jesus Christ regarding baptism and enduring to the end. We don't read the words of God the Father often.

Church tomorrow in Hamtic. We have not attended there yet and we look forward to doing so. We need a Sabbath. Good Sabbath to all.

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