Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 29, Tuesday
We got out the door early this morning to get a cake from the bakery for Elder Bohman's birthday. We noticed the roads were very busy for a Tuesday morning. Before we knew it, we were in the middle of a vicious traffic snarl of cars, trikes, jeepnies and busses. San Jose is celebrating a "social festival" this week. I think it's just a way to celebrate something and have something to do. There were marching bands, sort of a parade, and hundreds of people walking in colored T-shirts. The shirts all said the same thing, but were of different colors. Those with like colors walked together.

Long story shortened, we were late for district meeting, but we finally got a cake for treats. Sister Raplye said, "thanks for having a birthday Elder Bohman."

We went to Sister Lorna's for a lesson this afternoon. She is a great member missionary. She invites her friendswhite and family to hear the Gospel. Today, her close friend, Sister Marysel was there. The lesson was extremely spiritual. Sister Marysel is looking and she sees the joy the Gospel has brought to Sister Lorna's . Sister Marysel now has a baptism date too. The field is white.

We got plywood boards ready for art tomorrow. Hope that is not a bust.

I read the Book of Mormon tonight, pondering and praying after each page. I received no startling revelation, but I loved the hour and the prayer. I read, starting at 2Nephi:17 where Nephi gives his Psalm. I love the Psalm. I read through 2Nephi 10. Jacob teaches the atonement powerfully, and he reads Isaiah to his family. Isaiah speakers messianically, so I read it as if The Lord was doing the talking. I could not believe how much easier it was to understand. Good study tonight.

Painting in the morning at 7:00. Then we are zipping up to Culasi to take cargo to them (cargo being mail and media). We will take the Elders to lunch, then rip back to go out teaching with the Zone Leaders. They have some they want us to meet. Busy days are good days.

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