Sunday, April 6, 2014

Lunes Ako 7th

We walked this morning and lamented not seeing conference while it was actually taking place. Next weekend for us.
I helped the housekeeper ladies sweep the drive and burn leaves then I took my first trike ride to town to get a haircut. I had to wait an hour for the barber. I was a bit early, and he was 20 minutes late. He gave me the best haircut I have had since I was a young man, complete with warm wet towels, razor, neck and shoulder rub and great care. He did it all for 60 pesos, about $1.25. I gave him a 100 pesos and thanked him profusely ("Salamat Gid").

Filapinos put two ladies and a child in the back seat of the trike. I filled the seat personally and had to hang on for dear life not to fall out into the street. It cost 9 pesos to get downtown from where we live. That's about 18 cents.

Sister Sessions and I talked to the kids today, but had trouble getting the i-pad to link up with the server. We will contact Michael and his fam tomorrow morning before district meetings.

Candace Gingery wanted to see the dresses Sister S. made for the Foreignoy. Here are some pics that I took. They are wearing a vest, called a kimono, over the dresses. The kimonos are native dress for special occasions.
Can't see much, but the dresses are a cute plaid and the kimonos were over top. The one Pinoy missionary wore the customary long ball gown like American's prom dresses (she looked Hawaiian to me). Anyway, these are the dresses.
This is Li (Lee) and here friend. We walk with Li in the mornings. She is a born again, but we are hopinng she will want to increase her learning. She is a fine lady. She spent many years in California as a care giver. She married a man from Chicago and they moved back to the Philippines. He died and she certainly misses him. Plan of Salvation . . .


  1. They bring a new meaning to the word 'carpool'!! I keep hearing someone yell 'allllll aboarrrrrd'! And...I think you will have sticker shock next time you get a haircut in the states. Love you both!!

  2. They go get a bunch "aboard" all vehicles in the Philippines, along with cargo. I used to get my haircut at Joe's in Caldwell. It was a GI haircut, slip, slap, you were done and out of the chair, $8.00 for seniors. Very different here. You can get a full body massage for about a dollar while you get your car washed. . total, about $5 including tips.