Thursday, April 10, 2014

Huwebes Ako 10th

Dead day today. It is transfer day. The missionaries who transfer packed early this morning and headed  to Iloilo for the transfer meeting. Some moved within their Zone and did not travel all the way to Iloilo. We don't actually know, or care, what transpired. We will find out soon enough.

We will start inspecting apartments next week, now that transfers will be done for a while. We have Antique done, but we have several more to do in the Iloilo area. We look forward to meeting the Zone leaders and missionaries in that part of the mission.

We walked early this morning. It was very nice and pleasant. We then got ready and went on sort of a P-day, getting our phone figured out (we could receive calls, but couldn't hear the speaker, and we could not send a call.) It turned out that I had to pay 15 pesos to turn that feature on. Weird. . .  We looked for an old phone type phone to see if we could get the magic jack going, but there is not one to be had around here. It is all digital. We shopped for art supplies (few and far between here on Panay). I got a plate and some epoxy to make a palette. I used sea shells to hold the pigments.
I had one extra shell, so I threw on some white to mix with other pigments and lighten them some. The paint is cheap (both ways) and the paper is really bad. I had a pretty good painting going and I masked off some areas with tape. When I tried to remove the tape, the paper came apart. Boy do I miss my stuff. The palette ought to work.

We drove to Sibalom to see if the missionaries are still going to the mountains tomorrow to see Dulito (Julito). They were not transferred, so we are on for noon to go see him and his family. We drove around the back roads over to Hamtic and back to San Jose, sort of a triangle. Here are some pics.
The people use mats, or tarps, and dry beans, peanuts, rice, and coconut meat. They put the mats right out on the road for the heat. We have only seen birds stealing a taste once and everyone drives around them cooperating. The people sell the coconut meat to have it pressed for oil and the meat itself. Or, they eat it.

We went to a self-reliance meeting Tuesday and the authority teaching told the members that they need to try to achieve a daily income of 500 pesos (about 10 dollars) to be self reliant. When they reach that goal, they are to help other people reach the same goal. He indicated that obedience is key. I think of the Book of Mormon regarding prospering in the land. If we keep the commandments and are obedient, the Lord can bless with sufficient for our needs. That would bless these folks. He talked about that too.

Reece sang to us at home to entertain us. She sang, "I want to tell you bout chickens . . .chickens." really belting it out. These three riding on their motorcycle on the way to Hamtic to sell their chickens reminded us of her performance.
Our drive was nice through the agricultural area. As can be seen, the road is good and the shoulders clean. San Jose and the beaches are so full of garbage that it is a shame. This was quite beautiful. I took a picture of this farm house because of the lights and darks. I may use it in a painting.
This has been the most uncomfortable day we have had thus far for heat and humidity. Even the sweating days climbing around the mountains were more pleasant than this hot humid dog. Pray for a little cooler weather for Antique. Andam all.

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