Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Martes the 22nd

We did P-day yesterday. Not much of a day, but I painted downtown and could not believe how many people came to see what I was doing. I tried to talk to as many as possible, but it was tough. Next time I will load my bag with brochures.

This morning we had a Zone Conference, with the zone leaders training. They taught about obedience, pride, and working together without prejudice and contention. It appears that there has been some contention and problems between foreign missionaries and natives. I had no living idea.

I stood and spoke to the group after regaining my composure. I was stunned and saddened by the news and told them so. I told them that I loved them and that the Lord loved them even more and that he cannot be well pleased. I took them to page 150 and discussed companionship inventory and encouraged them.

After, a few came up and told me they ". . . enjoyed my insights." I said, "Let me give you another insight . . . there is only one race . . . the human race. We are all children of our Heavenly Father . . . our parts are interchangeable. We may look a bit different on the inside, but we are virtually the same, designed by the Master. Get over this stuff about somebody being better than another."  They seemed to think about that some. There were several good comments on what to do to make a change. I am just sorry to hear a change is needed.

Sister Sessions then stood up and told them they were on a mission to share the Gospel, but they were also in training for the rest of their lives and marriage. She laid it out for them pretty clearly and they had never thought from that perspective for learning to get along and love each other despite of minor differences. 

We went to the hills of Hamtic again  this afternoon and taught Lorna and Sister Helen. It was a good day. Kib Berion went with us and he is a great guy, with about 4 callings. He is waiting for the opportunity to be a teacher. Kib took pictures and told me he would e-mail them to me this evening. I will add pictures later.

Regarding becoming a teacher . . . strange practices and politics here for teachers. When you graduate and have done your practice teaching, you fill out a resume and application for your local school and test for them. You then are put on a list and when an opening comes, if you are not bumped by someone with political ties, you may get a job. But, you cannot apply in other towns, only the one where you live. Man, I would have never landed a job. Kib and Brother Johnathan, a really good man in our local branch, are waiting for a job and may never get one. Sucks
This is Robert, the husband of Sister Lorna. He is using a machete go cut open buko (coconuts) for the water and meat to share with us after our lesson yesterday. It is pretty good, but . . .
Elders Catabuando (left) and Latchman, enjoying some buko. Elder Lachman has been in the mission about two weeks. Elder Lachman is from Malaysia.

Heading to Helen's from Sister Lorna's place. . .

The Elders think I look like a chubby Galdalf.

Sister Lorna's new family home along the river bottom. It is strangely comfortable, built above ground with a good roof and the air moves through the walls and floor nicely to keep the family cool. It is a pretty neat place.

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