Saturday, April 5, 2014

5 Abril 2014

Just in the door at 8:23 after another grueling day of driving toTibiao and Culasi. Not sure who, but someone was not satisfied with the apartments we found yesterday. The Zone Leaders called about 12:30 today and wanted us to take them back north today. I was surprised and I must say I am tired of the drive and the guessing game.

Hopefully we won't have to go back until they move missionaries in Wednesday or Thursday and we may have to haul furniture.

I am cranky . . .I am feeling about motorcycles and trikes like I did about trees in Alabama. I need to go someplace and look out and not see a stinking motorcycle or trike.

When it gets dark, these people ride their motorcycles without lights and they congregate on the sides of the roads. It is dangerous because you can't see them until the last second. Kids ride bicycles with no lights at all. But they all text while they ride or drive without lights. We haven't seen any accidents or deaths, yet. They remind me of deer . . . when the day gets dark, they head to the highway. Groups people, all ages, stand in the visit.

I am sure glad tomorrow is the Sabbath.
Loaded trike on the way to Culasi. All with a 150 cc motorcycle for power. Amazing

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