Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wednesday the 23rd

We left early today for Iloilo to check apartments. We met the Iloilo South zone leaders in San Juaquin, the southern most tip of the zone. We met them at the plaza in San Juaquin. It is a really pretty barangay and  it appears that they are relatively prosperous there. It is clean and pretty.

We met the zone leaders and proceeded toward Iloilo, visiting apartments of Elders and Sisters along the way. The apartments were pretty nice except one and they are in the process of changing. It was a tiring day of driving, but it was fun to meet the Sisters and Elders. I helped the sisters fix a sink that fell off the wall and we took the Elders to lunch, after we met with the zone leaders for the Central zone. We then parted ways with the South Elders and checked the two assigned apartments in Central. They were both pretty good. One was an original when the mission was started some three and a half years ago. It was interesting to learn the the mission is pretty young. Sister S rewards the Elders and Sisters for clean apartments with packages of Oreos or Chips Ahoy, their choice.

We went to the mall/grocery store under the Days Inn and got some groceries and headed back to Antique. It has been a long tiring day, but at least we had something to do.

I think we are pretty much a taxi service for the Elders to visit some of these members we have been visiting with them, and I am not sure it is helping. But, we do love to get out and do something, anything almost. We do feel like we are needed at Dunito's. We are scheduled to accompany the missionaries there Friday. Time to get a member involved from their branch. We have talked with the Elders and they concur.

We still hope to find a place in the mission work.

Downtown San Juaquin

This is a large cathedral around which the barangay is built in San Juaqine is built. The cathedral was finished in  1862. The plaza is surrounded by sandstone busts of past mayors.                         

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