Thursday, April 3, 2014

Abril 3

Last night we held Foreignoy in the town square. A local politician and well known member of the church acted as MC. It turned out to be a really fun night with native Filipino missionaries, sort of competing, against the foreign (American) missionaries in song and dance and language. They also had to eat some strange things, chicken innards cooked on a stick, frogs, pig liver cubes, dried little fish, some other stuff. It could have been worse.

It was a lot of fun and I think the townspeople who attended have a new appreciation, or recognition, of who these young men and women are in the area, sporting black badges with the name of a church displayed. The members of the district who attended from several areas really enjoyed the festivities.

I suggested that the missionaries now keep close track of contacts made from the lists generated. Using the area books and teaching records, they can follow through to baptism and judge the effectiveness of the program. Who knows if they will take the suggestion.

Today we went to Tibiao and Culasi looking for apartments/houses where missionaries could live while they open the areas and hold Sacrament meetings on the Sabbath. We were pretty unsuccessful and will be going back tomorrow morning. Finding the apartments/houses is a priority. Transfers are next Wednesday.

It is some 90 kilometers north. We are praying for help. If the Lord wants the areas open, we count on Him to help us find the places needed.

Culasi is a very pretty place. Islands lie off the coast 15 and 45 minutes by pumpboat. See Pic of the pump boat readying for the cruise.

Sister Sessions visiting with members by the sea in Culasi.

On the way home this evening, we actually found a man herding ducks. It appears that they stick together, much more familial creatures than cats. We shall see what tomorrow brings, tomorrow. Andam

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  1. I met someone from Culasi here in the states back in 2008 when I went to Yellowstone. I was fairly fresh off the mission and I heard them speaking Kinaray-a! I started chatting them up in Kinaray-a and they were so surprised and delighted! They gave me their address and phone number in case I ever wanted to stay at their place in Culasi. After seeing pictures of the area, I think I might...