Friday, April 25, 2014

One of the many fake jeeps in the country. For some reason, they adopted the look of the old army jeeps. This thing has a television in it and all the toys. Mazda, Toyota, Isuzu . . .all make replicas.

Thought I'd throw this one in. It is the guys working on the neighbors new house. They do a special stucco. The part on the left is yesterday and the right is today's. They will smooth it off and make it look pretty neat, but then it will have to be painted. Note the upright pieces of bamboo for the scaffold . . .strong stuff.

A main drag in San Jose. I painted on the corner early this morning. This was about 7:00 am and not very busy.
Friday, the 25th

Pretty much a sucky day. My painting was cheesy and we did absolutely nothing all day, beside read the exercise and read scriptures. I didn't feel particularly well and took a nap. We didn't get to go to Dunito's. He was working with the young Elders on a welfare project, so it was fine that we didn't go. He was in a good place.

Hope we don't have too many more days like today. Seems like we hit one, sometimes two of these each week. We start wondering what we are doing here, we get down mentally, and we are bored stiff. Tomorrow we go with Brother Kib up to Bugasong to help the ym/yw. We look forward to the time.

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