Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday, the day before conference in the Philippines:  Abril 11

Been a good one. We walked this morning and got the printer to the shop to reload toner. We had to go several places to find one that could help us. We need the printer to print fliers for the youth conference coming soon. Got President Aquino's agenda for Presidency Meeting Monday.

We picked up the Sibalom Elders and went to the hills to see Dunito and his wife Lilly and their two daughters. It was a sweet trip. I am going to add pictures and publish. Nothing more needs said . . . beside, well yes, we had to cross a shallow river twice on the way over and back, and yes, that is a dang cool hat on old Elder S.

Dunito calls me "father." I am not sure if it is because of my old age, or he has me confused with Catholicism. In this last picture, we are talking about getting his wife baptized and his family sealed in the temple. I was telling him that is what it is all about, what the Savior gave us through the atonement, and that heaven is a family place.

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