Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Miyercoles and 23 Julio
Last night, the Sister Missionaries brought Chorley and her husband to be, Tobias, over to get Sister Sessions to fit/make her a dress to wear for their marriage. They are cute kids. Tobias (pronounced here, toebeeas) is a member and they are getting married next Tuesday, then Chorley is getting baptized and they can start preparing for the temple. We hope to see that before we go home.

Tobias has a trike, hence the green arm cover to guard from the sun. He wears the reverse cap and has his fanny pack change bag. Good guy. He wants to learn English . . . He is pretty good already.

Chorley. She is a cute little thing and I think Sister Sessions is going to put a little extra into this dress. She bought it at a second hand store and the Sisters bought some frilly stuff to go on, bu the color is a bit off. We bought some more today and Sister S is hard at work. Call this a before shot.
 We got up early and got ready for the pretty long drive to the Brngy. Salvation (Salvaseeone) school. It was a pretty clear day, so the temperature was high and the humidity equally high. Sister Sessions didn't have as much fun as I. Her teacher didn't let her do much. Mrs. Solomon let me talk a little about nouns and I walked around helping 5th and 6th graders with prime and composite numbers. Anybody want to tell me why they should care about prime and composite numbers?

They broke at 10:05 for recess. During recess, they had a rice, macaroni, vegetable soup for a snack, then the girls played a weird game with some little collector's cards. Couldn't figure it out. Then . . . the boys pulled out marbles and got my attention. They played a sort of chase taw and a lagging game, so I showed them how we used to draw a circle and shoot the marbles out of the center. I didn't tell them the rules, but they had a great time shooting and they were pretty dang good.

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They were nailing all the marbles, so I increased the size of the circle. That slowed them down some. Look at those fingers. They developed some technique.
This picture is of the new wash stand that Brother Potato's charity is donating. The building on the left is a single classroom used by the 2nd grade and was payed for by a government grant. The hut at the rear is the cookhouse/kitchen. When it is not raining so hard, the snacks and lunch is prepared there. They really need a better kitchen, situated uphill on the campus.

We told them, "Kita-ay kita ma next Meiyercoles alas nueve", I think. It was supposed to mean we would see them next Wednesday at 9:00. I may have told them, well, just about anything. They smiled and walked us to the car. We will try again next week and hopefully, Sister S. will have more fun and will be of more use in the classroom. She is plenty busy sewing tonight. . .

Another interesting fruit. I found this under some trees in the driveway, but I have seen it for sale downtown at the markets. It is very pretty and red. I peeled it off and the center is a pearly white and has a seed in the middle. Again, a citrus taste was discovered, but the flesh around the seed really does not want to come off. We sucked on it a while, getting all the flavor we could then discarded the pit.

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