Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Domingo ang 20 ni Julio
alas 1:35 pm
Entry to the Sibalom Chapel. It was raining pretty hard this morning and most of the night. Folks leave their umbrellas outside, as out of the rain as possible to keep from tracking water inside. Pretty colorful.
Not a clear picture, but Elder Asi (left) and Elder Alforque looking on . . .

We just got home from Sibalom where we attended church this morning. They are doing pretty well, but the heavy rain kept the members away this morning. We had a good Sacrament Meeting, with the Elders speaking. Elder Aflorque talked about doing things that keep us from going inactive. He cited scripture reading as one of the major things that help. He compared the scriptures to the Liahona, as has often been done, but the idea that reading the scriptures keeps us from sliding into inactivity hit home. I hope the family, all of them, will take up this important part of following the Savior.

We have been able to help with procuring a wheelchair through the church (Latter-day Saint Charities) welfare services. President Aquino got us onto it by contacting the Area in Manila. Then they gave permission so purchase one from Mercury Drug using fast offering funds . . . then President told us there was a chair on the way from LDS Charities. We received it at leadership meeting yesterday and hauled it over this morning to the lady who needs it and then hauled her and her chair up into the mountains between Hamtic and Sibalom to her home.
On the way up to Barangay Inabasan. Prettier than it looks even here.

93 year old Sister Abundia with her new ride. The Elders wanted her to do a wheelie . . .
We had good classes. Brother Weaver, one of the Sibalom branch presidency taught the gospel doctrine class about Old Testament Prophet Elijah. It was good. Priesthood was led by Elder Fogavai and was sort of thrust upon him. We talked about lesson 12, President Smith talked about Priesthood and Keys. We had a fair discussion.

Got a few candid shots of the Branch Missionary Coordination Meeting. They were cooking pretty well.
Sisters Percy and Sister Villalobos, I think. Elders Asi and Elder Fogavai up front.

Happy posers for the camera. I wasn't too disruptive I hope. Good looking group.
We are preparing for a cottage meeting at the house tonight. I think our program of leadership visiting with missionaries and inviting back (ministering) is waning rapidly. Ministering is the process of the church, and it has been successful. Hope/pray I am wrong. It is the right track.

President Amar is coming over at 5:00 to help me with the computer. He is always a smiling happy welcome visitor.

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