Sunday, July 6, 2014

Domingo ang 6th

We picked up President Villavert at 7:30 and zipped up to Bugasong for meetings today. The weather was beautiful and the rain has made everything way pretty with aerial perspective. The mountains were amazing looking and there was a little rain coming down. The workers were still planting in the rice fields.

We are told that they plant now and harvest in 90 days, but at that time, about the end of September, the rain and typhoons really hit hard. Farming is a gamble all over it appears.

Bugasong reverses the order of their meetings, compared to the other Antique branches. They start with Priesthood, then Sunday School, then Sacrament. President Tandoy taught Priesthood today, focusing on baptism and covenants. He seemed to be focused on the young men in the hut, which he ought to have been, and there was enough English spoken that I was able to follow.

I bore testimony this morning. I usually don't take up their time, but I wanted to say some things this morning. Everyone that stood sort of gave a report on when they were baptized. I told them, " I am an old man, baptized a long, long time ago. These are the things I know. I know President Tandoy is called of God and that he sustains the District Presidency. When ever we have leadership meeting, he is there. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and the Book of Mormon and scriptures are true. Joseph translated the Book of Mormon under the direction of the Spirit. President Monson is a prophet and he is part of a long line of Prophets. I loved the direction of David O. McKay and President Kimball and the other prophets. I have lived long enough to see and hear and be taught by several, all true prophets. The Lord loves you. He loves more than you may ever understand until you run into his open arms." Of course, I ended in the name of Jesus Christ.

We met with President Tandoy and his counselor for a short meeting after to share the mission plan for the district and branches. President Tandoy was at leadership meeting, so he is already implementing the plan. The missionaries in Bugasong are working with leaders to invite back, watch over the flocks, and be shepherds like the Savior.

There is a problem between mayors of Bugasong and another adjoining town, so transportation costs double what it did and people are having a very difficult time attending chrurch. They are getting about half their normal attendance.

We stopped at Sibalom on the way back to give President Villalobos the plan for 4th Sunday teaching from the church magazines. He tells us he needs a wheelchair for one of the poor women in his branch and wondered if there is some humanitarian aid available. We told him we would check. It will give us something constructive to do.
President Tandoy teaching Priesthood.

Elder Miguel leads "Ye Elders of Israel". They open and close almost all meetings with a hymn. They know way more hymns by heart that I do. The ear on the left belongs to Elder Phelps.
We have a cottage meeting tonight with the Sisters and Elders to check our progress. Sister Sessions is fixing sloppy joes and I smell brownies. We bought buns yesterday. I can't have any bread, so it is making me a little crazy. Having a tough time with the gluten/celiac disease. I can't seem to kick the sores and I am trying a strict gluten free diet. I am either getting some someplace, or ???

I e-mailed Doctor Owsley to see if he has some suggestions on increased dosage of dapsone, or some other advice. I had a wonderful blessing and I have faith, but . . .

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