Saturday, July 5, 2014


5:14 pm

We arose this morning with rain pelting San Jose. We couldn't walk.

I contacted the Elders to tell them we had a box for Elder Lundgren, the new Zone Leader with Elder Ortiz. They wanted to come right over. They arrived and we gave them the box and they hung out long enough for Sister Sessions to make toasted cheese sandwiches for them. They studied with us for a while and we agreed to run dprive them up to Bugasong for a baptism interview.

The interview went well and we got a chance to talk with Sister Sally (sp?). She is sort of a dynamo and a good missionary. Many of the people who have worked with her, or for her, have joined the church. Members hang out at her resort often. Her resort was hit by Yolanda, but it is still restful and very pretty. Sister Sally goes about a hundred all the time.

We are going up in the morning and attend church in Bugasong. It is Fast Sunday, so we ought to have a wonderful time. The Spirit is always strong on Fast Sunday. We are taking President Villavert with us and I expect we will meet with President Tandoy and his counselors after meetings.

We dropped the Elders off in San Pedro so they could go to work. We then drove into San Jose and ate a late lunch at Santiago's. I forgot to photograph the food. I took the camera in and everything.
New Leaders in San Jose. Good men with great ideas and the Spirit. Things ought to just keep getting better . . .
Elder Lundgren was in the house interviewing the young man for baptism.

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