Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Martes ang 29

One more day in July. We went to Iloilo and met with the Taylors to receive training in CLS so we could help missionaries test in English at the conclusion of their mission. The computer services were down, so we accomplished only a little.

We came back and I went to the doctor. He has taken me off aspirin and the meds I use to control pain from arthritis. He believes the two did little to keep my stomach healthy. He has put me on a blood thinner. And, I am trying to exercise and control the arthritis, but the rain is blocking our efforts.

I had my blood drawn this morning and the doctor checked the results. I am pre-diabetic, my kidneys are not working at peek performance, and I now have to go on a diet, cutting out any unnecessary sugar. Food has been a highlight for our day at times. I am disgusted.

He tells me to lose weight, exercise and miss no more than two days, but to exercise 200 minutes total in 5 days. He put me on a "plate" diet. I can use a normal size plate, divide it into fourths. 2/4 must be covered with vegetables, 1/4 meat (not red) and 1/4 carbohydrates. He tells me I can add a saucer above the plate that contains fruit.

I asked about energy drinks and Coke light. He said, "It isn't light, nor is Coke Zero, Zero". I sort of knew that in that I have never lost a pound or inch from drinking diet drinks. I am bummed . . . Water is so pedestrian; yet, when one is really thirsty here in the Philippines, nothing quite does it like cold waeter.

The doctor and tests cost about $40. But, the medications are rather expensive. Boy, do I miss my health insurance back home. We hope to get some reimbursement from the church insurance we were forced to purchase.

Sister Chorley's wedding dress Sister sessions made for her.

Doctor Molina's office . . .

Me waiting for the doc tonight. The results were less than exciting . . .

I see this little dude around town pretty often. I wonder about the old uniform he wears. He seems to get along, but I don't know how.

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