Friday, July 18, 2014


Ang 19th ni Julio

I walked this morning. Sister Sessions worked/worried about presenting in the District Leadership Meeting this afternoon. She worked at the computer, refreshing her thoughts and knowledge, and she made notes from Handbook 2. 

Yesterday afternoon we interviewed with President Aquino. We gave him an inventory of church owned property in the rental house. We talked about our mission. He gave us an assignment to work at family history in the district. There is certainly a need, and we can see the vision. 

We were able to talk with Ryan and his family via FaceTime. It is Taylor's birthday, so they called us, just prior to us calling them. We had a fun chat. The internet connection weakened rapidly, but we visited with Chance, Lindsey, and the kids. Reagan, Rex, ald Rylee were way busy and Reagan was crabby, having just awakened. We talked for a minute with Amy, but we were losing her fast. We could not make connection with Tommy. We tried, back and forth, but we couldn't hook up. Michael did not answer, so we figured they were away from home.

I have been studying the family history site on this morning. It appears we don't have to be experts. We look forward to having something to do. I face booked Brother Scott (previous couple here) to see what they did for family history, but have not heard back yet. Looking for guidance. I want to download and watch several videos regarding FH. There is good training provided ,but downloads take loads of time and Sister S is on the laptop.

I am thinking of volunteering at one of the many, many schools, but will have to do some research. We are tired of so much slack time. 

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